Monday, September 3, 2007

In with September

Being a few days into September, I thought I would post my predictions for the month, although I’m not very confident in them. I’m moving at the end of September, which makes a budget hard to set. I know I’ll be using extra gas and probably eating out while on the road, but will there be miscellaneous expenses that I don’t know about? I plan on getting my prescription filled a few times here to avoid needing the transfer it to another pharmacy, but I don’t know if the pharmacy here will do that. My mother’s birthday is this month, but fear that I might be missing someone else’s. I have to do all my dry cleaning before I move, and may need to do extra cleaning. What am I missing?

Category Budget
food $250.00
housing $450.00
entertainment $150.00
transport $150.00
clothing $65.00
travel $0.00
health $175.00
beauty $10.00
education $7.00
misc $200.00

total $1,457.00

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