Saturday, June 2, 2007

June budget

My June budget:
Category Budget
food $300.00
housing $500.00
entertainment $300.00
transport $200.00
clothing $150.00
travel $400.00
health $200.00
beauty $100.00
education $0.00
misc $300.00

total $2,450.00

I'm hoping I don't spend that whole amount in June, considering it's close to my entire take home pay for the month, but I do have a round trip to NYC on my car to see my parents this month, and end the month in Hawaii, which surely won't be cheap. I have a slightly higher than average clothing budget (even though I haven't come close to using it in past months) because the Hawaii trip is for a wedding, and weddings involve looking pretty. I might actually use some of the beauty budget for that reason, too. Aside from those abnormal expenses, June also involves Father's Day and my brother's birthday. We'll see if I can keep within the miscellaneous budget with those and a wedding present.

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