Thursday, August 2, 2007

An August Challenge

Recently I came to the realization that although I'm doing a good job budgeting and saving, none of it has really been a sacrifice. I still eat out with friends, I still travel and I still send lots of mail. As a result, I've decided to actually stretch my self-restraint for August and set a budget goal I haven't met in my five months of tracking: a $1000 month. Even if I only get close, I'll still be doing great.

With that in mind, my $1000 August budget:
Category Budget
food $200.00
housing $450.00
entertainment $150.00
transport $100.00
clothing $15.00
travel $0.00
health $20.00
beauty $0.00
education $0.00
misc $65.00

total $1,000.00

I predict more frugal eating and very little travel. Should be interesting.


ntbeachnc said...

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ntbeachnc said...

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