Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Breakdown of my Finances

After reading other blogs which broke down their finances, I decided that it would be a good exercise for me. I admit that my system is rather new to me and not exactly perfect, but for the remainder of this year I’m trying to keep a consistent system. Perhaps next year I will upgrade to something beyond a basic spreadsheet or change my categories or start more of an income-based budget, but for the moment this system is working for me.

My budget is currently divided into 10 categories, Food, Housing, Entertainment, Transport, Clothing, Travel, Health, Beauty, Education and Miscellaneous. The order is completely random, but may say something about my priorities, I really love to eat while beautifying myself does seem rather superfluous. Some of these categories are fairly stable from month to month, like Housing, while others can vary by thousands, like Education or Travel. Perhaps I should be working on control, but for now, just and overview.

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