Thursday, May 3, 2007

May budget outlook

This is my current May budget:
Category Budget
food $300.00
housing $500.00
entertainment $250.00
transport $200.00
clothing $100.00
travel $200.00
health $200.00
beauty $100.00
education $0.00
misc $600.00
total $2,450.00

While most categories are in line with pervious months, I have to admit the miscellaneous category is way out of line. This particular month, that includes both a Mother's and Father's Day (combined) present, a graduation present (TBD) for the boyfriend, a donation for the AIDS Walk Boston, and a rather hefty donation for my brother's cross-country cancer bike ride. Travel for the month includes a trip to Boston for the aforementioned graduation, a trip to DC for Memorial Day weekend (because I can't handle living in a small town), and ends with another trip to Boston for work starting the 30th. These should very well eat the food and entertainment category. Not my most frugal month, but I do get three paychecks and hope to have the full $10,000 saved by the end of it.

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