Monday, May 14, 2007

Category 5: Clothing

Clothing is one of my more frugal categories. It’s not that I don’t like clothing; it’s that with my current job and life, I just don’t feel that buying new clothes is practical. No one is going to appreciate them and they’ll just get dirty or torn. Moreover, when the only clothing store in town is Walmart, it tends to limit your options a little more than you would like.

I do have several subcategories under clothing, but I usually only use one of them. The maintenance category, covering the cost of doing laundry or getting things dry cleaned, does get used a couple times a month, but even that is used frugally. I feel like my apartment and the Laundromat charge a little too much for laundry, but without any other options, I do what I need to in order to wear clean clothes to work. I try to hang my clothes up around the house to dry them instead of paying for a drying cycle and can often go weeks between loads. Dry cleaning is also kept to a minimum.

The other categories have to do with acquiring new or new-to-me clothing items. Since I began to track my expenses in March, I can honestly say I haven’t acquired anything. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up considering that my work shoes are threatening to fall apart and my trainers are so worn as to cause blisters, but I’m delaying purchases as long as possible. Everything that I don’t buy now I can save for a grad school wardrobe.

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