Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Category 9: Education

Education is not a category that I really want to spend money in right now. Sadly, there are occasional expenditures in this category. With the admission letter to grad school, there was also a request that I take a few classes before getting there, just to have a little background. I managed to take one of these classes in April and plan to take the other class in August, both from University of Phoenix online. I did fine in my first class, but found myself severely annoyed with the cost. $1700 for one, five-week-long class? For that price, I would almost expect one-on-one tutoring and a gold-plated textbook. I’m not really looking forward to going through the process again, but I will pay for my class, I will take my class, I will submit my transcript to the awesome grad school and be done with it.

The education category is fairly simple. There’s tuition, covering the cost of each specific class, there’s fees, covering things like the registration fee, and there’s books, which covers the grammar and style guide they force me to buy. I’ll probably be reselling the still-shrink-wrapped book on ebay.

I obviously believe in education, since I’m willing to put myself into so much debt for it, but I really wish it was less expensive.

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